Anzac Biscuits

We fancied a bit of midweek baking so thought we’d have a go at these biscuits which is a recipe from New Zealand. I had my daughter helping with this!



I’ve made these once before and from what I can remember it was a pretty similar recipe, not sure about the walnuts but everything else was the same.

Pretty straightforward to make these, I did think that the mixture felt really dry, when I was putting them onto the tray they did look really crumbly. For the first batch I put on the try I just dropped on spoons of the mix, then for the next tray I actually moulded firmer shapes with my hands to see if that made a difference.


These were smelling amazing during the baking! They were cooked before our tea was ready so took a lot of will power not to eat one straight from the oven!

They all turned out the same, they had spread out and cooked absolutely fine, there was no difference in the way they cooked in the ones I had shaped and the ones I had just dropped onto the tray.

They certainly flatten out on cooking, and are a lovely dark golden colour.

These taste brilliant! I have to admit to having four with my cup of tea! The texture is great too, they are nice and crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on inside.

Would I make these again? Yes, brilliant biscuit!


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