Spanish Omelette

I have found another shop that sells pimiento so despite me still not being convinced about omelettes I did really like the sound of this..


This is one of the very few recipes that includes olive oil, I can imagine that must’ve been really hard to find and be really expensive post war.

I think is a great recipe for using the last of the veg, I know I’m sticking to this exactly but could be adapted to whatever is left in the fridge!

I loved the colours and smells of this as the veg was cooking


I have two frying pans; one is tiny and the other is giant! I was doing the full quantity of this so picked the bigger frying pan. I knew there was no way I was going to be able to turn this!


I had to opt for finishing it off under the grill. I think if I had a slightly smaller frying pan it would be easier to turn, also it would be much thicker.

So this was dinner for the two of us, and I really enjoyed this. The veg and pimiento take away from the real egginess of it! I think it would be nice with some garlic and chorizo as well.

Would I make this again? Yes, great way to use up the last of the veg, and it’s tasty!



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