Milk Rolls

I think I’ve only tried to make rolls once and it didn’t go to well; they were like rocks!!

This turned out slightly better..



Again this is another bread recipe that uses plain flour rather than bread flour, would be good to try with bread flour and see if that does make a difference.

I made the dough earlier in the morning and left for a couple hours to double in size.

I decided to just do round rolls rather than any of the other shapes. I don’t think I made a very good job of shaping them! I just couldn’t get them to look nice and smooth!


I actually think I left them to rise for longer than 20 minutes…


They cooked really quickly, I was worried I had actually left them in a bit too long as they are more of a dark brown than golden brown! They didn’t rise much more in the oven.

I obviously had to try one warm form the oven, and despite the dark colour they are really lovely and soft and light inside.

We have loads of leftover lamb from last night so may have a few rolls and lamb for tea!

Would I make these again? Yes, will try some of the other shapes next time!


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