Plain Girdle Scones

I don’t own a girdle, I think they are really heavy flat cast iron dishes, that are better than frying pans for this kind of recipe due to the way they radiate heat. I do have a flat pancake pan, so assumed that would work ok! Pretty sure you could use a frying pan,



The dough is really easy to make, I opted to use all milk rather than a milk/water mix. I didn’t knead for long at all, at this point it does feel lovely and soft


I opted to cut into rounds rather than triangles. So I used my pancake pan and I didn’t grease it before I started, not sure of that was right or wrong thing to do!


They do start to rise quite quickly, and after 5 minutes the underside was more of a dark brown than a pale brown!


So they did cook really quickly, and I was worried they would be really doughy still inside, but once I cut them open they looked fine, nice and soft.

These were delicious still warm spread with butter! I also think they would be nice with some cheddar.

Would I make these again? Yes, quick, easy and tasty


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