Trout and Almonds

I had picked up a couple of whole trout at the shops so fancied giving this a go…



I’m not sure what the point of the coating in flour stage is. Yes it gives a crispy skin but I assumed we wouldn’t eat the skin? Also it is a lot of butter. I had bought 2 whole trout so halved the rest of the ingredients and it still felt like a lot of butter.

I think my daughter was quite amused by the whole fish..


After only 5 minutes on each side it was looking golden and cooked through, then I left them to rest in the oven while I carried on with the rest, even more butter!

I don’t think I really cut my almonds into slivers, more like chunks, pretty sure that’s not too important!

The minute I added the splash of lemon juice the sauce started to turn a darker brown instantly, so I quickly removed from the heat and poured over the fish.

So we had the two between the three of us and it was a lot. We had with some potatoes and veg.

The fish is lovely and tender and really delicious. There isn’t much of a sauce but the fish with sauce and almonds together was just brilliant. Yes there is a lot of bones, as you would expect, and I know that may put some people off cooking whole fish. I know when I was young I hated eating fish with bones, but that didn’t seem to bother my daughter.

Would I make this again? Yes was great, lovely fish and the nutty sauce was a great combination



4 thoughts on “Trout and Almonds

  1. I’m sure I’ve had something a bit like this when I was on holiday abroad somewhere and it was delicious. I love whole fish but don’t tend to cook them whole at home very often.

    • This is only the second time I’ve ever cooked a whole fish, I had always thought it would be harder but this was really easy and tasted great. Made me want to get the BBQ out to try some whole fish on that but its still a bit cold here!!

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