Savoury Meatballs with Rice

I do love meatballs and have made in various ways with different meats, herbs and other ingredients, so was looking forward to this recipe which apparently comes from Lebanon..


I found a few references to Lebanese meatballs and a variety of meat was used; lamb, beef, turkey and quite a few recipes also involved pine nuts.

The meatballs are so easy to make, I opted to use lean pork mince. I used my blender to turn the meat into a paste, then added nuts and salt. I am not too familiar with the sizes or marbles so I just went for smallish balls!


While these were browning I started slicing the onions, what a lot of onions! I was wondering if I was missing something was I really to use 8 regular onions or should I be using something smaller like a shallot?? I stuck with the recipe and managed to slice 8 regular onions without a single tear! Once in the pan it does look like loads!


Once they’ve been cooked for a while they have reduced a bit. I reckon I cooked them for about 20 minutes before they started to turn a nice golden colour. I’m now a dab hand at skinning tomatoes as pretty much every recipe involving tomatoes has them skinned!

So once it was all in the pan it didn’t look terribly appetising..


It was smelling good, and I just left to simmer away for 90 minutes after which the liquid had reduced and it was smelling even better..


As the recipe suggests we had this with boiled rice, and we really enjoyed it. The onions were so soft and actually quite sweet. The meatballs were great, only comment is that a lot of the pine nuts had fallen out, but this did add an extra crunch to the sauce. It’s such simple ingredients that create a brilliant meal.

Would I make this again? Yes, would try with beef or lamb next time



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