Tomato Sauce

There are two recipes for tomato sauce, one made from fresh tomatoes and one made from canned. I had used up all the fresh tomatoes last night so had to make the sauce with a can



I’ve made tomato sauce loads and usually involves onion, garlic, whatever herb I have growing, sometimes wine or stock and then tomatoes. I’ve never made using flour like this before with the flour.

I just used dried herbs as my rosemary didn’t survive the winter in my garden!

The resulting sauce is really thick and takes a bit of effort to sieve, but then I couldn’t face throwing away the onion and bacon mixture, so I fished out the bay leaf and clove and I served it with the sauce!

So the reason I chose to make this sauce tonight is because I was having gnocchi and thought this would go well. I was actually making sweet potato gnocchi using a recipe from another blog Four Candles Kitchen. I had seen the gnocchi recipe a couple of weeks ago and been wanting to give it a go. My version isn’t gluten free as I used regular plain flour.

First up the sauce is good. It’s really thick but in a nice way! I actually think it’s a good sauce for topping pizzas! I’m glad I didn’t throw away the onion and bacon mix because that tastes great.

Then the gnocchi is brilliant! Lovely and soft and delicious. Overall this was a great dinner which we all enjoyed.

Would I make this again? Yes, great sauce (and will definitely be doing the gnocchi again too!)


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