Syrup Ginger Pudding

I do a lot of baking but have never made a steamed pudding. Thought this would be a great one to try first..



I don’t technically have a pudding basin but more like a small mixing bowl that is the perfect size.

I opted for 1.5 tsps of ginger and 5 tbsps of syrup. Once it was all mixed in it was a bit dry so I did use a few tbsps of milk to get a dropping consistency.

Once it was in the basin it did look a bit unusual..


So I decided to try make this in my steamer rather than in a pan in the hob, I thought that would be a safer option.


I gave this the full 2 hours and all that time the smell was great. I wasn’t sure what to expect once it was cooked, it’s hard to tell if I gave it too long or not.

After the 2 hours it had risen a bit and certainly felt cooked!


It turned out fairly well onto a plate..


The recipe says to serve with a syrup sauce and I did intend to but forgot to buy one ingredient! Oh well, that’s tomorrow post sorted!!

I cut into this not knowing what to expect, but it’s surprisingly soft and really spongy. The flavour is just great, I think I put the perfect amount of ginger in. It’s not massively sweet which is good for me and I think a sweet sauce would compliment this perfectly.

This has introduced me to a whole new use for my steamer, only every used for fish and veg before but this worked brilliantly.

Would I make this again? Yes! Will be having with a sauce tomorrow!


14 thoughts on “Syrup Ginger Pudding

  1. Looks great! Home cooking at its best. Love the idea of a ginger steamed pudding, I mostly do plain old syrup, but you’ve inspired me to perhaps try a mix of ground & stem ginger next.

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