Kidneys in Red Wine

So this may not appeal to very many (or anyone really!) but like every other recipe I am giving it a go! The red wine part of the title appeals to me, but is this a waste of red wine…



I had bought 4 kidneys from the butcher when I was making the colonial goose. I only needed one for that and froze the remaining three to make one of the other kidney recipes another day. So today I fancied giving this a go!

Next time I’m at the butcher I’m going to ask them how to core a kidney, I just hacked it to peices, which suited this recipe as the kidney needs to be in small pieces, but other recipes need them kept in halves. It is not exactly a pleasant job, but didn’t put me off!

So the smell of kidney frying isn’t the most appealing and I was starting to go off this slightly!

Once the wine, stock and herbs have been added it does actually look quite nice and smells surprisingly good as well.

So the big test is how it tastes? Well I can’t say I loved it, to be completely honest I didn’t finish it. The sauce has a really nice consistency and the flavour is ok, it’s really just the texture and flavour of the kidney I didn’t enjoy so much.

My daughter asked to try it and she said the kidney was like eating a snail! Not what you’d expect a 6yr to say!

One positive about this is it’s cost effectiveness. I paid £1.28 for four kidneys!

I didn’t finish mine but my husband ate all his and polished off mine too! He loved it. I do think it’s an acquired taste, however there are another few kidney recipes so maybe I’ll change my mind after them….

Would I make this again? Doubtful!



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