Chicken Marengo

According to google this is a french inspired dish and usually consists of sautéed chicken with fried eggs and crayfish! Think I prefer the sound of this version!



This is one of the few recipes that has a photo, it’s not great so doesnt really help give a clear idea of what it should look like..

I opted to use chicken thighs as I think they are much better in dishes like this. I had bought boneless thighs which were quite small so I used 6 for this.

Pretty straightforward prep for this one and then it’s left in the oven. If you can’t be bothered making a bouquet garni pretty sure you could just throw in whatever herbs you have.


This smells great as it’s cooking, and was looking pretty tasty after just under an hour in the oven


So when it says to seive the sauce and pour over the chicken, I had to assume the veg wasn’t to be wasted and thrown away so I served that on the side! The volume of sauce this creates is loads, I actually think this could take even more chicken.


The chicken is lovely and soft and tastes great and the sauce is really excellent. The veg are also great and am so glad I kept them! Altogether it’s a really great dish. We just had with some sweet potato chips, but am thinking a mash would’ve been better to help mop up all the delicious sauce!

Would I make this again? Yes definitely



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