Tartare Sauce

I do love tartare sauce and in the past have made a few slap dash attempts at it using whatever’s in the fridge! I’ve never actually made it following a recipe…



I used mayonnaise for this and I used chives instead of tarragon. I have chives growing in the garden and they reappear every year with very little attention. Would be good to try with tarragon next time.

I thought quarter of a pint seemed like loads, so I halved it and even that was a decent amount. Not much to say about making this, is really easy and left it to sit while I made dinner.


We were just having steamed trout with veg, and this sauce was a perfect accompaniment. I just loved it, the sharpness from the gherkins and capers is fantastic. I think this is just as good as any tartare sauce I’ve had out recently.

We still have a fair bit left and we were talking in work about fish finger sandwiches, something I’ve never tried before and I think this would be great in that!!

Would I make this again? Yes!



4 thoughts on “Tartare Sauce

  1. I love tartare sauce and it is the making of a fish finger sandwich. I especially like battered fish fingers on lightly toasted wholegrain bread, with lashings of tartare. Yum!

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