Chick Peas

I think it’s funny that the recipe has the words chick and pea separated, nowadays it’s chickpeas! I like to think of this recipe as an old fashioned houmous!


I was pretty disappointed in my usual supermarket as they didn’t have dried chickpeas or sesame oil. So I used a can which made me think I didn’t need to soak at all. So I went straight to the simmering with bicarbonate of soda stage.

I reckoned I simmered them for a couple of hours and by then they were really soft. I have made houmous before and just blitzed the chickpeas, so the whole sieving stage seemed unnecessary hard work!!

I am going to admit to a deviation. I was gutted that there was no sesame oil in the shop but I do have some tahini paste in the fridge so I put some of that in instead!!

I am amazed at the difference some lemon juice and salt can make. I tasted this after only the tahini paste had been added and to be honest it was pretty awful! Then I added the lemon juice and salt and what a difference!

We were having this as a snack with some baked pitta bread and just loved it!

Would I make this again? Yes



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