Chicken and Almond Salad

Have a lot of left over roast chicken to use up and liked the sound of this salad…



Not really much to say about the preparing of this. I opted to use the onion and I used mayonnaise instead of salad cream. I also served on a bed if watercress rather than lettuce.

I think you ultimately assume a salad is going to be healthy, but when you consider this is dressed with a mixture if cream and mayonnaise it kind of makes it more unhealthy. I suppose if you consider 2 tbsps of cream and mayonnaise between 4 servings that’s not to bad, right?

My grill is a bit temperamental and I ended up maybe over browning the almonds slightly! Despite that the almonds were a great touch. I ended up eating a few whilst preparing this and they are great just as a snack!

I made the full quantity of this and it makes loads. There was more than enough for the three of us for dinner and will be plenty leftover for lunch tomorrow.

So altogether this is great. The combination of flavours and textures is fab. The raisins are really plump and add a sweetness. I’m glad I used watercress as I do love the peppery flavour of that and it was great with the chicken. Overall a delicious salad and great way to use up leftover chicken.

Would I make this again? Yes, loved it



5 thoughts on “Chicken and Almond Salad

    • I know I hadn’t had it for years, but then there was a salad recipe I had made earlier in my blog and it did say only salad cream, I had totally forgotten what it tasted like. I then had to have a big bowl of chips and dip them in to salad cream!

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