Aubergine Moussaka

I have made moussaka once before and it was a low fat version that used yoghurt rather than cream. This is a proper full fat recipe..


I swithered over which oven tray to use, I have a few to choose from so decided to base my decision on the aubergine! By the time I had sliced up two of them it seemed like loads and was more than enough to cover the base of one of my larger tins


I used 4 onions and again that was loads and did cover the aubergines well. Next I just crumbled the raw mince over the onions and also was enough for one layer


Next step was the tomatoes and that also covered the tray perfectly in one layer


For the next step I assumed I wasn’t to use a quarter pint of the tomato paste that usually comes in a tube, that didn’t seem right. So instead I blitzed a can of tomatoes and mixed that with stock. It was at this point I was thinking the tray was too big and this was not enough liquid.


After 30 minutes I poured over the next sauce, it definitely wasn’t enough, it didn’t cover the whole tray but I had to just put back in the oven and hope for the best.

After 20 minutes it wasn’t ready, I ended up leaving it in for another 30 minutes before the top looked properly set. The sauce on top did puff up a bit but definitely wasn’t enough and didn’t cover the whole thing, and it really doesn’t look like a moussaka I’ve seen before!


It doesn’t look like moussaka but it does smell good. I did think the recipe was missing some herbs or spices.

So how did it taste? Yes it was good, but not what I’d expect. The veg was good, the mince was fine and both sauces were nice enough, and altogether it was a tasty dinner, it’s just not what I imagine moussaka to taste like! I made the whole quantity and have enough to last the week!!

Would I make this again? Yes I would, even though I don’t think it’s quite a traditional moussaka it does taste good. I would either reduce some of the veg and the size of the tray or increase the sauce



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