Red Cabbage and Apple

I remember having this as a child and have to say I don’t remember enjoying it!!



The cabbage I bought was pretty giant so decided to halve this recipe. Nice and easy to prepare this. I did my best to shred the cabbage into the smallest bits I could. While it was cooking though I realised I hadn’t cut away the inner thick bits of the leaves. So I did have to pull out some of the bigger chunks that didn’t look like they were softening.

I reckon I had this simmering for about 30 minutes before the liquid had pretty much evaporated. At this point the cabbage was feeling really soft.


The recipe does suggest serving this with frankfurters but we were having this with leftover moussaka, may sound like a weird combination but I thought it was great!

The cabbage is lovely and soft and there is a nice sweetness from the apple. I was really surprised how tasty this was, I really wasn’t expecting much. I was also expecting a a few objections from my daughter but she loved it as well and even went for seconds!

This does make loads, even using half the ingredients, so there is another recipe from the book that suggests serving with this so that’s tomorrow’s tea sorted!

Would I make this again? Yes was great, was way better than I remember having as a child!



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