Beef Olives

I do quite like beef olives and quite often buy made ones from the butcher, not a fan of pre packed ones from the supermarket though!


I was expecting the recipe to have sausage meat in the stuffing as am pretty sure that’s what’s in the ones I get from the butcher! I opted to use bacon rather than ham, and I assumed it was to be raw?!

I had bought 4 slices of topside and the filling wasn’t enough to cover them, not sure if that’s because my butcher was very generous! I also had expected the stuffing to be in a sausage shape and then the topside rolled round it, instead the filling is spread over it and it’s rolled up more like a Swiss roll!

I am also rubbish at attempting to tie them, I used yellow thread as that’s all I could find! They held their shape fine when frying and they were packed tightly together in the casserole dish so hoped they would stay intact during cooking!


I think I had these cooking for slightly longer than 90 minutes, and after that time it was smelling great and in my opinion looked tasty


We were just having this with some mashed potato and the sauce poured over the top


We both thought this was delicious. The beef is lovely and soft and the flavour from the filling is great. The texture of the filling is like a soft stuffing rather than the sausage style filling of any other beef olive I’ve had. I could taste the lemon and I thought that was a nice touch. I did think it seemed an unusual ingredient to have with beef but funnily enough a work colleague told me they sometimes have lemon with steak!

I had made 4 of these and 2 was really filling. The sauce is great and was nice to have the mashed potato to help mop that up.

Would I make this again? Yes, delicious!



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