Open-Faced Cheese Sandwiches

So this doesn’t really sound like a recipe and is pretty much like cheese on toast, but my plan is to try everything and fancied this for lunch..



I was making this just for me so I attempted to divide everything by 6! I don’t why brown bread is preferable but that’s what I used, and my loaf was rather small so used two slices. It’s pretty difficult to sixth an onion so I just grated off a small portion of a whole onion.

I opted for bacon rather than tomato and I was using Red Leicester cheese. It looked nice enough before going under the grill


I don’t think I need to comment on the ‘cooking’ process involved in this!! It was shoved under the grill long enough for the cheese to bubble and bacon to cook.

I did cut the crusts off, as I burnt them!

So how was this? What’s to say really, it’s cheese, onion and bacon which are all good! So yeah it was a nice a lunch. I do kinda like the name open-faced sandwich over cheese on toast!

Would I make this again? Yes



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