Courgettes with Tomatoes

I don’t buy courgettes that often, then when I do I remember how much I like them and say to myself I must cook with them more often!



I sprinkled them with about a teaspoon of salt, I wasn’t sure if I should rinse them after the hour in the colander but just patted dry as the recipe says. I had the courgettes cooking for about 15 minutes before they started to soften. They didn’t really go very transparent but I had to stop cooking them as they were getting very soft.


The tomato mix was cooking for just under 10 minutes and I thought as I was pouring it over the courgettes that it was nowhere near enough

Then it was under the grill for only about 5 minutes


I had made the full quantity of this I ended up eating half for my dinner! I loved this. The courgettes are lovely and soft and not too salty at all. The tomato sauce is great as well and is just the right amount. Then the topping adds a nice cheesy crunch. Overall this was a great side dish (or a meal in its own)

Would I make this again? Yes, loved it



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