Filled Beetroots

I have spent the last couple of days over indulging slightly on the most amazing food during a trip to Barcelona, so today I felt the need to have something light and healthy for lunch



The recipe does say small beetroots but the ones I had were tiny! I was just making this for me but they were so small that I ended up using 4. I also made the French dressing for this which comes from the book as well


The dressing was simple enough, just mix and shake! Doesn’t look like much but I had a wee taste on its own and was nice


As my beetroots were small it was a bit fiddly trying to hollow them! I only used one celery stick and quarter of an orange. It is quite an unusual combination, I think. I did take a wee mouthful of the orange and celery together and it was actually very pleasant!

I do love horseradish sauce so the idea of adding that to the dressing appealed to me. I was a bit wary about putting too much over the beetroot; celery, orange, horseradish and beetroot is not something I have ever had together before!

So how was this? Delicious!! It’s a hard taste to describe, the juicy sweetness from the orange is really lovely and I wish I had more filling. I also ended up putting more dressing over the top after trying the first bite. This may not appeal to some but it suggest trying it!

Would I make this again? Yes!



5 thoughts on “Filled Beetroots

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