Bacon Burgers

Am having another week of trying to clear the fridge and cupboards before shopping and decided to try this to finish the bacon off.


The sun appears to be shining everywhere except here, had the washing in and out about 10 times! I had wondered if I should BBQ these but decided to just fry as suggested.

I do love bacon, but when I hear bacon burger I assume it’s a steak burger with a slice of crispy bacon on top. So I am actually really looking forward to this.

Very simple to prepare, blitz for a few seconds, add the rest of ingredients and then shape. I gave them a while in fridge once shaped as I vaguely remember reading somewhere that helps them retain shape when frying?

I think I had them frying for closer to 10 minutes and by then they were crispy looking on the outside and the smell of bacon frying was making me drool!


We were having these in the most brilliant rolls courtesy of Sarah over at Tales From The Kitchen Shed. I would highly recommend trying these rolls, I have successfully made them twice now and are the softest rolls I’ve ever made.

We we’re also having some oven baked chunky chips. I had mine with mayo and lettuce. As expected this is very salty but we both loved it! It tasted good on its own but was fab in the roll with some mayo and crisp lettuce. Great comfort food! I didn’t taste either the mustard or nutmeg so could leave out but I’d try adding more next time.

Would I make this again? Yup!


9 thoughts on “Bacon Burgers

  1. Sounds delicious, I love bacon, I do miss my English bacon while I’m away. I reckon this recipe will work really well with the French poitrine fumee, I’ll be able to have a bacon roll after all.
    Thanks so much for recommending Ted’s Rolls.

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