Lentils and Rice

Apparently this is a Lebanese recipe. I would never have thought to put lentils and rice together, I’d either pick one or another to have. We were having a fish curry for tea so decided to try this..



I was going to half this but I thought 6oz of lentils still seemed like loads for two, so I thirded instead. There’s no real cooking time for this but I think I had the lentils simmering for 15 minutes before I added the rice, and then I left it for another 15, by then the lentils were super soft!

I fried the onion for only about 7 minutes on a high heat to brown quickly.

So not much to this really, was ready in half an hour.

As I mentioned we were having with a fish curry and this was a great accompaniment. It was lovely and soft and despite there being no stock or herbs it tasted good as well, it’s hard to describe the flavour. It was perfect for mopping up the excess sauce from the curry, and this was the perfect amount for the two of us.

Would I make this again? Yes, nice change from rice!



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