Mexican Stuffed Pancakes

Well I can’t say this turned out exactly as I had imagined…



Firstly I couldn’t find any cornmeal in the supermarket, I wasn’t sure if I could substitute so just thought I’d maker regular pancakes. When I say I would make pancakes I actually meant my husband would make them, he makes way better pancakes than me. Although I think we got a bit crossed wires as when we talk about pancakes we imagine thick fluffy scotch pancakes. I assumed this recipe needed thin crepe like pancakes. So my husband had made a lovely batch of big thick scotch pancakes so we used them for this!

I was using pork for the filling and this time I cooked it first! The filling is really simple, as is the sauce. I did think the sauce didn’t seem like anywhere near enough, but maybe that’s because our pancakes are so huge!

It looked ok before going in the oven, but not what I had pictured!


So after 20 minutes the pancakes were golden and the cheese bubbling. We were having these with the last of the coleslaw!

The pancakes are lovely and thick and soft but with a bit of a crispiness on top. The filling was lovely, especially when you got a hit of chilli. I’d add more chilli next time. My fellow diners did not like the sour cream sauce on top. I thought it was ok but would’ve maybe been better with tomato sauce.

Overall I enjoyed this, it is very filling due to the thick pancakes, but was really tasty

Would I make this again? Yes, will try find cornmeal and make again with more chilli



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