So I had actually made this last night and sat down to write on my blog only to find I had no internet access, so had to keep for tonight instead! It’s maybe not such a bad thing as I think this is one of those dishes that tastes better the next day!



It’s not really a very summery recipe but considering the weather here is distinctly un summery it don’t think that matters! I know this a bit of a long time to have a mid week dinner to cook but sometimes that suits me to get dinner in the oven and eat much later.

This is nice and easy to prep, and was in the oven in about 15 minutes. I thought it seemed like a lot of flour to be adding but carried on anyway.

After 2 hours it was smelling pretty great and the sauce was looking wonderfully velvety


As you can see there is plenty of sauce so no need to be concerned about the flour content! I also hadn’t tied up my bouquet garni properly so had to do a bit of fishing to find all the bits!

The recipe suggests serving this with saukraut and dumplings. I opted to just have with the saukraut, which I hadn’t ever had before!

This goulash is great! Last night it was brill and I actually ended up having seconds right out the casserole dish! Then tonight it was even better! I had never had saukraut before (for those not familiar with the stuff it’s cabbage in salt) and I loved it! I think it was a really brilliant combination. I now have a mahoosive jar of saukraut in the fridge so need to find other things to eat it with!

Would I make this again? Yes, loved by all three of us



7 thoughts on “Goulash

  1. Oh yum! I love goulash – it is definitely better second day but I can rarely restrain myself to leave it that long! Sauerkraut is great chopped up in a salad, adding an extra zing. 🙂

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