South Seas Fish Bake

Apparently this recipe comes from Japan and the South Seas, I did higher geography but had to google the south seas! Apparently it may refer to the geographical region of the pacific south of Panama east of Australia near Polynesia! Which I don’t think is that near Japan, anyway I thought this sounded like a nice recipe…



I didn’t have any trout and because the recipe says any other white fish I assumed that sea bass would be ok to use.

I halved all the quantities and it still seemed like loads of butter, I didn’t use it all as it was just pouring off the fish.


I wasn’t sure how much spinach to use so I just pretty much covered the fish and then out in the oven.

After 35 minutes I took it out and most of the spinach had stuck to the foil, but it was smelling really delicious.


I did wonder if 35 minutes had been too long, as the fish was breaking up very easily. Maybe it’s a better recipe for a whole fish rather than a small fillet. Despite that it did taste amazing! I think I would up the soy sauce and reduce the butter though, but overall it was a great dinner.

Would I make this again? Yes, lovely and super easy



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