Scalloped Aubergines with Meat

I’ve enjoyed that last few aubergine recipes so decided to try this today which apparently comes from Israel



I was just using one aubergine and I got 6 slices out of that, but I do think I used the full quantity of meat and everything else. I had opted to just use beef mince as it doesn’t really specify and assumed that would work ok.

I wasn’t too sure what it meant to drain and dry the aubergine, so once it had softened I did rinse some salt off and pat dry – no idea of that was right or wrong!

Rather than spread the mixture over the aubergine I kind of smeared on with my hands!


There is no way that 4 tbsps of tomato paste mixed with 2 tbsps of water is enough, it was barely enough to cover one aubergine. So I had to deviate and ended up pouring over a whole can of chopped tomatoes instead!


This was left to cook for an hour and smells coming from the oven were pretty good. I didn’t put it under the grill, I think it looked just fine after the hour.


There was a lot of liquid in the tray which I assume came from the aubergine, so I did wonder if I should’ve left in the salt a bit longer?

I can’t really imagine serving this on toast so served with rice instead. I really loved this! I actually chose not to have rice and felt like this was a meal on its own. The meat is cooked well and tastes great, and I’m really glad I used the tin of tomatoes!

Would I make this again? Yes and I’m going to have the leftovers for breakfast!!



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