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I was very kindly invited by Micaela over at Easy Italian Cuisine. I hadn’t heard of this but after reading the post on Micaela’s blog I know now it’s a way for bloggers to share their writing and then acknowledge other bloggers.

Big thanks to Micaela for thinking of me!


So to participate in the blog tour I need to answer the following four questions, and invite other bloggers to join the tour.

What am I working on?

Basically I decided one day that I was going to cook every recipe in a cook book I inherited from my Grannie. It’s book from the 1940’s and the edition I have is a 1967 update. It’s filled with loads of brilliant recipes, over 500 pages! I started on 1st September 2013 with the intention of doing a recipe and blogging about it every day, so far I think I’ve only missed a handful of days! I do think I may cut back to every other day this year to allow my husband time in the kitchen!

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

To be honest when I started this I did think it was a format used by many based in the film Julie and Julia, but I just liked the idea of this old book and old fashioned cooking techniques

Why do I write what I do?

I write about every recipe I try. I love sharing recipes and this book had some lovely old recipes that I just felt the need to share!

How does your writing process work?

Basically I pick a recipe, cook it, attempt to take a decent photo, taste it and then write about it! I do like to think I am quite organised but some days I just pick a recipe based on what’s in the fridge! I do also always feel the need to apologise for my dodgy photos but in my defence they are taken in real time when my family are patiently waiting for their dinner!!

So now I need to pass on this to another couple of blogs, there are so many blogs that I can spend hours reading that it’s hard to choose, so I picked the last two that I commented on recently and that is

Sarah’s Kitchen – I’d highly recommend checking out her red velvet cupcakes!

Full as an Egg – Kim’s recipe for Italian Sauasge Bake had me drooling!

Anyway I hope I’ve done this writing tour process justice, thanks again Micaela

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