Sunshine Eggs

I have been having a lot more egg related dishes for breakfast these days, and although I’m not hating them as much as I used to I still can’t say I overly enjoy things like scrambled eggs or omelettes. I liked the sound of this where the egg is covered in cheese!!


As you can see the recipe for 6 uses enough for one egg each. Well I am very much a breakfast person and decided I wouldn’t get through the morning on just one egg so I opted to third this but make just for me!

Have to say that cheese is never optional for me, in fact I didn’t think it looked like anywhere enough cheese!


I left this in the oven for the full ten minutes, after which the cheese had all melted and the eggs looked cooked enough for me!


So there’s not really much to say about this, it’s just eggs and cheese, but for an alternative egg related breakfast dish it’s actually quite nice. I think it needs even more cheese for my liking. I do also think it would be good if I had cooked for slightly less to leave the yolk runny and then dip some bread in!

Would I make this again? Yes I probably would!


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