Texas Barbecued Chicken

I’ve never attempted to BBQ a whole chicken before, and the sun is shining this evening so decided this was a good recipe to try today…



I made the sauce this morning and that was easy enough, although I nearly got the quantities of Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco sauce mixed up which could’ve been a disaster! The sauce did smell good as it was simmering away, and I had to have a test and it tasted great!

I’ve no idea what the recipe means when it talks about mounting the chicken on the spit, I just put it on the BBQ in the same way I’d cook anything else. I did actually think it would’ve been good to have the chicken marinading in the sauce before cooking. I just painted on some sauce right at the start..


Then it cooked for an hour with a basting and a turn ever so often. I do always have a paranoia about undercooking a chicken and didn’t think an hour was going to be enough. It was checked after the hour and did think it was still a touch under done so gave it another 15 minutes and by then it was looking and smelling great!


We had this with more sauce on the side, homemade coleslaw, baked potatoes and some veg grilled on the BBQ. The chicken was delicious, and was lovely and soft. There were a good few blackened bits on the outside but I kind of liked those bits! The sauce served on the side was just amazing. I don’t think it was as good as the BBQ sauce I made before but it was delicious.

Would I make this again? Yes, but would try having the chicken in the marinade for a few hours befor cooking



5 thoughts on “Texas Barbecued Chicken

  1. :Looks delicious- i’ve heard of people ‘mounting’ the chicken on a beer can on the BBQ and I saw a chicken stand in one of the supermarket magazines a few week ago.

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