Scrambled Egg Archiduchesse

Never heard of this before so did a quick search and couldn’t find any other references to this, so no idea where it comes from..

So this just sounds like scrambled egg with ham, mushrooms and asparagus served on fried bread. As you can see there is also a photo!

Really easy to cook this. I know cooking scrambled eggs is quite a basic method but I didn’t use to like eggs and think I cooked scrambled eggs for this first time this year! I liked the addition of the cream and paprika, the cream definitely made the eggs a more appealing texture!

I completely forgot to get bread so just had to have this on it’s own with the asparagus on top.

This was really nice, the eggs were really soft and creamy and the paprika added a nice flavour. To be honest the asparagus seemed an unusual accompaniment but it was nice.

Would I make this again? Yes, think I’ll be adding cream to all scrambled eggs from now on!!



7 thoughts on “Scrambled Egg Archiduchesse

    • I know, who knows where that came from, maybe just to make scrambled eggs sound posher! It was tasty and am now obviously having to finish off the cream in my scrambled eggs!

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