Curried Fish

The last few curried recipes I’ve tried from the book have pretty much the same ingredients, so kind of knew what to expect with this one..


I had just bought some haddock block for this but like the recipe says you could use with any other white fish. All the other curried recipes have involved apple and sultanas so like them I expected this to be quite sweet.

I had 1lb of fish so I attempted to use two thirds of everything else, but opted just for two full tomatoes and one full apple as I didn’t want to just leave a little bit!

Also I had to assume it was an error when it says 1-2 sultanas! I took that to mean 1-2oz so opted for about 1.5oz.

I thought the milk and stock seemed like an unusal combination, but as the sauce was thickening up it did look good, and was smelling pretty tasty too.

So this was on the table in under 30 minutes. As expected this does taste delicious . The flavours are all great together and the fish is lovely and soft. It’s not particularly spciy, but just has a lovely warmth from the curry powder. You could add some fresh chillies for a bit more heat and I think some fresh coriander would help, but as it is it’s a very moreish tea!

Would I make this again? Yes, all loved it



2 thoughts on “Curried Fish

    • Ha, yeah my daughter would agree with you, she fished out her sultanas! I was surprised by the apple content, but the last couple of curried recipes have also had apples and sultanas, and at first I thought it was weird but it adds a nice sweetness

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