Chicken Parcels

This is another recipe involving chicken and paprika, so hoping for more success in the execution of this one!



It’s quite an interesting combination of flavours going into this. Have to say I have never dipped onions in sugar in this way! I had three chicken breasts so just cut back the rest of the ingredients slightly.

I opted to use balsamic vinegar, but I guess you could use whatever you have. I also gave them a pretty generous sprinkling of paprika!


The smell as this was cooking was brilliant, so was looking forward to trying this. I took out after 45 minutes and the chicken was nicely cooked. There was a lot of liquid in each parcel..


I didn’t serve any of the liquid over the chicken, I just did as the recipe says and topped with the onions.

This is a really tasty chicken recipe. The paprika is great with the chicken, and the onions have a wonderful sweetness which goes really well with the chicken. I can’t decide if this tastes better than the paprika chicken from earlier in the week, it certainly looks better!

Would I make this again? Yes, easy and delicious


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