Cabbage Slaw

This recipe apparently comes from Canada. I’ve tried the two other coleslaw recipes and both have been good so looking forward to trying this…



I really liked the idea of adding the caraway seeds, was interested to see how that affected the flavour. There’s not much to making this, yes there’s lots of chopping or you could use an attachment if you have a mixer. I had a huge cabbage so only used half of it. I actually thought more pepper would’ve been more visually appealing as half a pepper just got lost amongst all the cabbage..


I didn’t have any lettuce so just served out of a bowl rather than lettuce cups! I used mayonnaise rather than salad cream as that’s what I had in the fridge.

Yum, this is another great slaw! The flavour from the caraway seeds was great, but I do think more could be added. The sweetness from the apple was nice too and definitely could do with more pepper. Overall it’s great.

Would I make this again? Yes



2 thoughts on “Cabbage Slaw

    • I honestly don’t know, I didn’t think caraway seeds were particular to Canadian food!! I do sometimes question the authenticity of the world recipes! This tasted great anyway and I just had some for breakfast!!

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