Plain Buns

I had wanted to make chcolate muffins today to take to a relative but the book only had a bran muffin recipe which I didn’t fancy, so decided to make some buns instead..



My daughter was helping with these so I told her the suggested variations and she unsurprisingly picked chocolate!

Not too messy to prepare and managed to keep everything in the bowl. I did think a teaspoon of mixture seemed way to little. I was using muffin cases which are slightly bigger than usual fairy cake cases, so we put over a tbsp in each case


The smell of these baking is just great, can’t beat that smell first thing in the morning!! Rather than getting 18-20 like the recipe suggests we ended up with 16 and I even think more mixture could’ve been put into each one as they didn’t quite fill the cases once they were cooked.


We left them to cool then started to decorate with glacé icing and chcolate drops, so considering I gave my 6yr old free reign with the icing I think she did a not bad job! I had expected to have them completely covered in drops!


Obviously we had to try one this morning to check they were ok to take to my gran! I let my daughter do the judging and she said it was chocolatey goodness!!

We will try some of the other variations another day but this is a great easy recipe to make with kids, and can be decorated with anything really!

Would I make these again? Yes, smell good, look good and taste great!



2 thoughts on “Plain Buns

  1. I collect baking cases. (I know, sad.) There seem to be 3 basic sizes: fairy, “American” and muffin. The middle size seems best for cup cakes.

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