Smyrna Sausages

From what I could find Smyrna is an ancient city from a part of Turkey, but this book has this as a recipe from Greece. I did find a few other references to this recipe and were pretty similar…



I only had half a pound of mince so halved everything else, well I tried to half the egg!! I love the fresh herbs in this, my herb garden is a bit over run just now and I hate to waste any of them so I may have used a bit more mint and parsley than I should’ve! I also opted for mixed spice but only because it’s the one I found first in the cupboard!


I have to say the smell from the sausages cooking on their own was lovely, the mixed spice and mint were both really strong.

I was worried about the sauce as I’ve never made one using tomato paste like this, I used tomato purée which am not sure was right but I carried on anyway. Also the wineglasses in our house may be bigger than others so may have added more liquid than I should. Basically I didn’t have high hopes for the sauce!

So after about 40 minutes of simmering it was actually looking and smelling pretty appetising..


I don’t really know what the ideal thing to serve with this is, but all I had was pasta! So I suppose it made it a Greek/Italian fusion!

I needn’t have worried about the sauce, it was brilliant and the sausages are fab as well. The mint and the mixed spice is really lovely in this, I think they both overpower the parsley but that’s fine with me! I think this is a great recipe and something different to try with mince. We all loved this.

Would I make this again? Yes, definitely



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