Rich Vanilla Ice Cream

I’ve made ice cream a couple of times before but have always borrowed an ice cream maker! This was a first attempt without, am pretty sure ice cream makers weren’t commonly found in kitchens back in the 50’s and 60’s!



I didn’t actually make this today, I had made it a while ago and has been in the freezer, I had opted to try the chocolate version first.

I did end up cooking this really slowly for quite a while as I was paranoid about the egg scrambling. I know it’s being strained anyway. It doesn’t say when to add the melted chocolate so I waited and added once the custard mix had cooled and added it with the cream. I have to say I didn’t think it seemed like enough chocolate, and I do like my ice cream with decent chunks so next time I’d be adding some chopped chocolate!

I had thought ideally I should churn it myself as it started to freeze but it doesn’t say to do that so I poured it into a tray and just left until tonight!

It had frozen really well and I was able to spoon it out easily enough. Have to say it’s not the richest ice cream I’ve ever had, and it’s not the most chocolatey! It is nice and good to know it works without an ice cream maker or much effort really!

I do also wish I had made a sauce to pour over.

Would I make this again? Yes but more chocolate and would try infusing the milk at the first stage with some fresh mint from my garden


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