Crabmeat Scrambled with Eggs

Apparently this is a recipe from China. This is not a recipe I could have imagined myself trying before I started this recipe book. I know I wasn’t a fan of eggs but just didn’t think crab and scrambled eggs would work…



So I had to make this just for myself as nobody else in my house had any desire to try this!! So I attempted to third everything and hope that would work ok. I ended up using bacon rather than cooked ham. I also think I may have been a touch heavy handed with the sherry as once I’d put that in that’s all I could smell!!

It doesn’t say to whisk the egg white, so I assumed I wasn’t aiming for any stiff peaks or anything like that. When it says cook till it thickens I just assumed until it thickened as a liquid rather than start to scramble?? I carefully added the egg white and it was looking a bit foamy at this point.


I thought 55 minutes seemed an awful long time. I was checking it every 10 minutes and after 30 it was looking browned and well risen so I made a decision to take out the oven. It did sink back considerably once out the oven


I think this is more like an oven baked omelette. It’s well risen and crispy on the top but weirdly there is scrambled egg underneath! Taste wise it’s way way better than I expected! The crab, bacon and spring onion it’s actually very pleasant. To be honest the texture is slightly odd as it’s neither an omelette or scrambled egg!

Would I make this again? Yes actually I would. It was tasty but I would cook the egg yolk stage a bit longer



11 thoughts on “Crabmeat Scrambled with Eggs

  1. I really like the look of this. A bit surprised at adding flour to a scrambled egg recipe and baking it in the oven for 55 minutes. However that’s how different and exciting dishes are created. I might actually try it myself.

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