Devilled Crab Canapes

So my blog has been neglected for the last few days while we enjoy a well deserved break in the sun, I’ve perhaps eaten and drank a little bit too much but hey that’s what holidays are for! Anyway am back to my blog and tonight it’s a family birthday to decided to make a canapé…



I wanted to make a variety of fried bread shapes and I have a multitude of cutters but I asked my daughter for an opinion and we ended up with hearts and flowers. I basically just rolled out cheap white bread and fried in oil. Any leftover bits from cutting the shapes are either being blitzed into crumbs or if my daughter has her way will be getting fed to the ducks tomorrow!!


So there’s not actually much cooking involved, just frying an onion and then mixing really! I decided to use Tabasco rather than worcestshire sauce. I used a whole can of crabmeat for this and did not get 2 dozen canapés, maybe I made them too big…


So we were having this with some pink champagne and I really liked them! The crispy bread was good with the soft crab and I liked it when you got a hit of heat. I do think I’d put either more Tabasco or more mustard next time. I tried one with paprika and parsley and both were tasty. I had made these for my family and think opinions were divided! I loved them but a couple of the others didn’t like them quite so much!!

Would I make these again? Yes I would but more Tabasco and/or mustard



4 thoughts on “Devilled Crab Canapes

  1. Great to have you back. Didn’t know you were having a break and hoped you weren’t ill. I love the idea of using rolled bread for canapé bases. I will definitely use that idea as soon as I get better and can get cooking again. They found another tumour, this time on my thigh bone but I was in hospital last week and they have removed it so watch this space.
    Did I tell you that actually found the book your getting your recipes from? I came across it the other week or so at the back of the cupboard and it is almost falling apart. I will try to reassemble it and mark up the ones you have done. Maybe I could even suggest a recipe or two.
    Once again great to have you back.

    • Hey, yes we were off on our holidays which was nice. I do hope you are on the mend. I work in a cancer hospital so know how that can affect lives. That’s funny you have that book!! We can compare recipes! Well I do plan to cook everything so we could compare experiences!!

      • Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be cooking much at all for some time but I might ask you for a request from the book that you haven’t got round to yet (without any obligation). What do you think? Please don’t feel bad if you would rather not.

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