Beef with Green Peppers

This comes from the Chinese chapter and just sounds like a basic stir fry, but there are some unusual cooking methods from my stir frying experience…



The initial cooking stage seemed pretty normal but when I added all the stock it didn’t seem right! Also I wondered why it lists chicken stock rather than beef? Then I honestly wasn’t sure if it really meant just one spring onion! I just put one in but I really wish I’d added more.


Once the stock was in I put the lid on the wok and left for 10 minutes and after then it wasn’t looking to great!

Then I added the thickening mixture and have to say it took a while for the sauce to turn thick and smooth. Even after another 5 minutes of simmering it really wasn’t looking thick or smooth, so I added another teaspoon of cornflour mixed with water, and then it did finally start to thicken.


There still is loads of liquid and I was worried that the beef would be completely overcooked after all that boiling!

We just had this with some boiled rice. The meat was a little chewy which was a bit disappointing but the sauce is simply brilliant! Yes there is loads of it but the rice helps to absorb it. The veg are all nice but like the meat they are a touch overcooked. Altogether it is really delicious, I just think there’s too much liquid and the length of time I boiled it at the end has overcooked it.

Would I make this again? Yes, really tasty tea but needs a few tweaks



8 thoughts on “Beef with Green Peppers

  1. What type of beef did you use? Obviously the recipe leaves this up to you and again this would vastly affect the length of time to cook it for. The recipe is not very helpful in this respect, is it?

  2. I love green peppers. the taste, the aroma and coupled with scallions and celery, this must taste really good. I shall try it next week on beef cooking day. Thanks for sharing!

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