Chicken Chop Suey

According to the book this is an American recipe, and is an adaptation of Chinese food and was originally devised on the Pacific sea board…



There maybe seems like a lot of text in this recipe but it’s actually pretty straightforward. I started this last night and had the chicken simmering away, but only for just over 2 hours. I had checked it after 2 and it was definitely fork tender. When I tried to lift the chicken out the pan the meat was falling off the bones so pretty sure that was enough time. I can’t imagine what it would’ve been liked if I had left to cook for 4!

The house was smelling very chickeny last night, but a boiled chicken doesn’t look very appealing…


I left it to cool and then removed the meat. It was falling off the bones and almost was like pulled chicken! I obviously had to try a bit and it was lovely and tender. I had never liked the idea of boiling a chicken before but it did result in lovely soft meat.

So tonight I carried on with the rest. The recipe says this is enough for 8 so I halved the next ingredients and kept back half the chicken meat for another night.

I didn’t buy canned bean sprouts as I couldn’t find them so used fresh ones and I put in about half a bag. I didn’t think the chicken really needed any more cooking as it was going that really stringy way. Adding the corn flour helped make the sauce smoother and thicker but there still is loads of it!


We had with rice as the recipe suggests, and despite halving this it still makes loads and was too much for 3 and I think more than enough for 4, so we have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

So how does this taste? It’s great, the chicken is lovely and soft and this may sound daft but I kind of like the stringy way it has gone! The sauce is good but I did add a bit more soy sauce at the table for extra richness. The veg are good especially the bean sprouts. It is another wet meal but I like that, and the rice helps mop it all up. Overall a great dinner and plates scraped clean by all three of us again!

Would I make this again? Yes, delish



9 thoughts on “Chicken Chop Suey

  1. I am Chinese and only familiar with Chop Suey through the American influence. I once saw chop suet in a Samoan cafe here and was intrigued at the connection. This post confirms that Pacific connection.

    I’m really surprised that the chicken is cooked for so long and canned bean sprouts…never seen ’em.

    • I know it’s such a long time, am glad I didn’t just leave the chicken simmering away and checked on it after 2 hours. Think if I’d left it for 4 hours it would’ve been liquid chicken! Thanks so much for your comments, it’s really good to get feedback on these recipes. As for the canned bean sprouts I’ve never seen them either and why use canned why you can use fresh! I can only assume canned ones were the only option back in these days!

  2. Hi Jacqui. What a nice meal. I agree with both of you about he time to boil a chicken but again as you said about the canned bean sprouts back then everyone thought chicken had to be really well cooked before eating. I don’t remember any fresh ‘foreign’ vegetables around that time (I’m 73 by the way).
    How many recipes have you completed so far?

    • My gran (who is older than you) is quite often surprised at some of these recipes too! I’ve actually no idea how many I’ve done, I have done 384 posts but a good few of them have been cakes!

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