Passion Fruit Cream

Apparently this is a recipe from New Zealand, I love passion fruit so thought this sounded interesting..



The last few times that I’ve made anything with gelatine it’s been the leaf stuff I’ve used, so for this I thought I should try powdered gelatine. I didn’t want to mix the gelatine with the sherry as I read on the packet that you should ideally sprinkle the gelatine onto the warm liquid. So instead I mixed the sherry into the warm milk and sugar mix. I did stir for a bit and left to cool. After about 20 minutes it was starting to set.

I was making this with fresh passion fruit and I just love the smell of passion fruit as well as the taste, so have to admit to stealing a few teaspoonfuls of that…


Once all folded in together I couldn’t decide what to put this in so I ended up picking cocktail glasses!


It set really quickly in the fridge, and it ended up kind of like a thick yoghurt/mousse texture.


I loved this. The flavour from the passion fruit is wonderful, and there is just the right amount of sweetness and creaminess. I didn’t taste any sherry. I had halved this and made 2 portions. My husband wasn’t keen on the texture of this so didn’t finish it, I obviously had to as couldn’t face it going to waste!!!

Would I make thus again? Yes I would. I think it would make a good dinner party pud, can be made in advance and serve it with some shortbread and more fresh passion fruit on top, yum..


9 thoughts on “Passion Fruit Cream

  1. It looks beautiful served in the lovely tall glasses. I haven’t made anything with gelatine in for a while but it’s perfect for a summer dessert.

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