Potato Dumplings

I had planned to do a World Cup themed dinner tonight but the only Argentinian recipe in the book is a beef stew that has a calf foot as one of the ingredients and funnily enough I could find one of them in Glasgow on a Sunday! So I opted to have roast pork with these German potato dumplings…



I have to say that the whole sieving potatoes is a tedious process! It’s a good workout for the forearms but took flipping ages! It did result in lovely soft and fluffy mash though.

I thought they seemed awful big when I was shaping them, and I assumed that the bread should be right inside the dumplings so I sort of shaped them round the bread. I halved this recipe and I still ended up with loads…


I boiled them for 15 minutes but they had started to break down just slightly whilst in the water. At this point I was wondering if they could’ve done with a few minutes in the fridge before going into the water.

I don’t like margarine so that was not a serving option, and I didn’t really fancy just having them with butter, so I opted for the bacon on top. We were having these as a side dish with roast pork so felt that fitted!


These are really soft and not as stodgy as they look. Have to be honest that the fried bread is completely lost on me. It’s just gone all soft and mushed in with the rest of the dumpling. On their own it’s ok, maybe needs some herbs mixed in or more nutmeg and/or another spice. With the bacon it was nice, but it’s such a carb overload with the potato, bread and flour so they are really really filling.

I can’t imagine having these with fruit but maybe would be nice with a tomato sauce.

Would I make these again? Doubtful. Enjoyed them with our dinner as something differnt but wouldn’t rush to do again



8 thoughts on “Potato Dumplings

  1. They remind me of giant gnocchi. That’s the only time I’ve ever sieved potato. You’re right, it’s quite a workout. I don’t get the point of toasting and then boiling croutons either? I’d skip the bread and add something tasty. Maybe parmesan and fresh herbs?

  2. It seems a shame to make nice crispy crunchy pieces of fried bread then wrap them in a wet potato dumpling and boil them. Maybe a meat based filling would be nice?

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