Indian Wafers (Puris)

I had a good bit of pork left over from yesterday’s roast so I decided to make curry with it and thought this would be a good recipe to try today..



The initial prep of this is easy enough. I halved the ingredients and had no idea how much butter to use, I mean how much exactly is a knob of butter?? I just rubbed in about a teaspoon, and then I think I used more than 2 tbsp of water to a pliable dough. I left the dough for about 30 minutes.

I’m thinking the trick with these is to roll out as thin as possible. The first few I tried I thought were thin enough but when I fried them they didn’t puff up at all. So the next ones I tried to get even thinner and ended up with about 20…


I also think the idea is it actually deep fry rather than shallow fry and make sure the oil is really hot. I found that they did start to puff up when cooking but only in patches. I really wasn’t getting a ballon shape.

They cook so quickly and I did over cook a few of them.


We were having these with a pork curry and some rice and they were a great accompaniment. Perfect for scooping up the last of the rice and sauce! They are really really light and crisp, am just disappointed the shape isn’t right. I do think I could’ve rolled them even thinner.

Would I make these again? Yes, need to try get them right!



9 thoughts on “Indian Wafers (Puris)

    • I think so too. The recipe doesn’t actually specify if it is deep or shallow frying. I didn’t use much oil to start off with but then added more but was not enough for deep frying. I love the idea of them being will filled, must try again!

  1. Definitely need to try these again & I like this easy recipe. I’ve tried before in the past & cant seem to roll them thin enough so they puff up. Maybe I’ll need to put an afternoon aside for poori practice!

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