Sausage Flan

When I think of a flan I imagine those old school soft flan cases my mum used to buy. I could not imagine having something like that filled with sausages, I think these are more like sausages tarts..



I don’t have a 7 inch tart tin and didn’t really want to make in my 7 inch cake tin as the sides are too high so I opted to make individual ones and this was enough for 4. I made the pastry using a recipe from the book that I think I’ve shared before, but if not here it is again..

That was easy enough and I did leave to rest while I made the filling. I was using pork and caramelised onion sausages that I just removed from their skins. I did weigh out the sausage meat but it ended up being 4 fairly fat sausages. I opted to use some fresh herbs from the garden and chose some thyme.

This was the perfect amount to fill the 4 individual tart tins


I ended up cooking these for 40 minutes, and by then they were looking well cooked but the filling showed no signs of shrinking back from the pastry, I didn’t want to leave any longer as the top was well browned.


We had these hot and served with just a simple salad, and they are great! The pastry is quite thin but it’s lovely and crisp. The filling is packed with flavour from the sausage meat and herbs, then the pepper, onion and bacon are nice too. I think it helped using good quality sausages. We all loved these and even my daughter polished off a whole tart in record time!

I know they aren’t a gastronomic delight but sometimes good like this just hits the spot!

Would I make this again? Yes, great tea



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