Rhubarb Chutney

I love rhubarb chutney and over the last couple of years I’ve been making a rhubarb and apple chutney recipe I found on the Good Food website. I just finished my last jar and was given a load of rhubarb so decided to try this recipe…



I was given a load of rhubarb from my sister boyfriends parents! I do grow my own but it’s always so skinny looking, and this stuff looks much better.


I had exactly 5lb of rhubarb so I decided to make the full quantity, it was loads once I had cut it all up..


I had opted to use mixed spice, only because it’s the first one I came to in the cupboard. The first stage of cooking took about 20 minutes, and I did think there was a lot of liquid so was kind of reluctant to add more vinegar. After that I think this was simmering for about at hour. It did change significantly though. It was very pale and watery to start of with…


Then after an hour it was much darker and really nice and thick looking..


Again I sterilised my jars in the oven and I ended up with 6 random sized jars and a wee extra in a ramekin for me to try today!


I love chutney and think helps make a good sandwich great! I was trying this first off with some cheese and crackers and it’s fab! It’s a really good consistency and a lovely sharp flavour. I did worry that it was loads of vinegar but it’s just perfect. Am now very much looking forward to this weeks sandwiches!!

Would I make this again? Yes, I do have 6 jars to get through but that won’t last that long!!



9 thoughts on “Rhubarb Chutney

  1. Hi Jacqui. That sounds good. I grow my own down here and have had 2 harvests this year so far. There is another one just about ready so I might just try it. Up till now I have used it all for crumble.

    How did it compare with Good Food recipe?

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