Caribbean Sponge

I wanted to make a cake for us today and liked the sound of this one…


As you can see this is a fatless sponge, it was lovely and light and fluffy once mixed together


It’s not obvious from the next picture but it really did rise a lot but did sink back a little when cooling


I have to say this is such a light sponge and does smell good!

The filling is easy enough and I had to have a taste to make sure it’s ok! I tried to chop the ginger into the smallest pieces I could manage, and then I added the full 3 tsps of rum. I don’t ever drink rum so wasn’t sure how much I’d like it but it tasted great, the combination of butter icing with the chocolate, rum and ginger was fab. I even ended up licking the bowl!

The topping icing was a bit of a weird one. I melted the chocolate and then attempted to stir in the icing sugar but it’s just to much icing sugar for the volume of melted chocolate. It turned into a thick mess that was unmanageable and that was after only adding about a quarter of the sugar. So I added the cream which helped soften it and managed to stir in a bit more sugar. I didn’t end up during all the sugar as it was just too thick. Even after adding the boiling water there was no way I could stir in any more sugar.

The minute the icing hit the sponge it totally stiffened up, so there was no real scope for spreading! So the icing has just been shoved on!


This was lovely and light, and the icing was brilliant. The middle icing with the ginger and rum was just great and the chocolate icing on top is really thick but tastes good. Overall it’s a great cake, full of flavour and nice and light.

Would I make this again? Yes



9 thoughts on “Caribbean Sponge

  1. Looks delicious. Anything with ginger and chocolate good for me! I’m definitely going to try that filling, being a great excuse to buy a bottle of rum! I’ve just been looking at Lanercost Tearoom facebook page, thinking of a trip to Cumbria. Some amazingly yummy looking cakes….

      • Query: the method of making the fatless sponge seems unusual. I’m more familiar with the instructions given for the swiss roll – whisking whole eggs and sugar, then folding in the flour. Plain rather than SR, too. Any difference in the final result?

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