Chicken with Rice

This doesn’t sound very interesting but the list of ingredients is not what you’d expect!


This is one of the very few recipes that has a colour photo!


I opted to boil the chicken as I really liked the way that turned out last time. I do wonder though if steaming a whole chicken would’ve resulted in the same tender meat.

I had decided to half this so only used half the chicken meat and saved the rest for another recipe to try tomorrow.

I did have to add more water to the rice as it was not cooked by the time all the stock was absorbed, I didn’t actually measure how much more I added but reckon it was pretty much the same volume again.

I did wonder if the fruit peel should be cooked for a bit rather than just adding in at the end, but I followed the recipe and just hoped it would be ok!

I liked the idea of the raisins and the pistachios in this, but I don’t really think my version looks much like the photo!!


So how was this? Honestly the orange and lemon peel are too strong uncooked. I had to actually pick them out which really isn’t like me!! The flavour of the lemon in the rice is lovely, but the rind is just a bit too much! The pistachios and raisins add a nice crunch and a bit of sweetness which I really liked.

Overall it was a good dinner but I’d either leave out the rind or actually cook the rind with the rice.

Would I make this again? Maybe, was nice just didn’t love it!


3 thoughts on “Chicken with Rice

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