Oven Omelette

I like the idea of getting this all prepped and in the oven and then I have time to get showered and ready for work while this cooks…

I didn’t use streaky bacon, all I had was just back bacon so assumed that was fine. I don’t think I understand the need for the flour? I was making this just for me so rather than quarter everything I halved it so it was a 2 egg omelette. I thought making with just one egg didn’t seem enough for breakfast!


After 30 minutes is really puffed up and a lovely golden colour, I don’t think this photo really shows how puffed it had become during cooking


It did sink back a touch on cooling, but it really does smell good!

Inside the eggs are lovely and soft and light. The bacon, onion and parsley are all good and then the cheese on top just adds an extra richness!

Overall this was a good breakfast and saves the whole trying to fold the omelette in the pan!

Would I make this again? Yes, nice change for breakfast



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