It’s Friday night and we were planning a BBQ so I thought this sounded like the perfect recipe to try today…



I had the lamb marinading earlier in the afternoon rather than over night. I also didn’t use bay leaves as I only have dried ones and assumed the recipe mean the undried ones!


I don’t think I used the exact quantity suggested in the recipe, I just kept skewering them on in a bit of an order until the lamb was all used up. I also didn’t add onion as I only had large ones, plus I thought this was all enough anyway.

So we cooked these on the BBQ and I think it’s a prefect recipe for that..


I didn’t actually pay attention to how long these were cooking for but we kept them on until they were looking nicely cooked. I also forgot to brush with butter but I don’t think that mattered too much.


We all loved these. The lamb is perfectly cooked and the flavour from the marinade is great. The veg are all good as is the bacon. We didn’t have with boiled rice, I think that may have been a bit dry, we had them with several other BBQ related food items!

Overall we all really loved these, I have never cooked lamb on the BBQ before so am really glad I tried this recipe

Would I make these again? Yes, brill



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