Melon Pickle

This sounds like quite an unusual recipe, I do like melon but can’t imagine it being pickled! I didn’t want to make too much in case I didn’t like it so I ended up only using half a melon and reducing the rest if the ingredients..


I started this last night and wasn’t quite sure how I should be cutting the melon. It says half an inch slices so does that mean long slices?? I had kind of butchered the melon when taking the skin off so I had to make do with chunks!

I also had no idea what a quart is and according to whatever page I searched on it is 1136ml, so that’s what I used.

After a night of soaking in the salty water it didn’t look any different..


Then I simmered them in fresh water, and it doesn’t give a time so my advice is not to leave it too long. I walked away and left it simmering assuming it may take a while. When I returned it was ridiculously soft, so much so some of it was completely falling apart. It had gone slightly clear but I think was way past tender!


Then it took less than 10 minutes for the sugar and vinegar mixture to turn syrupy, so I had to attempt to spoon out what chunks of melon I had left. I then left it to simmer for the full 10 minutes, after which it was looking quite sticky and there really was no definite chunks left! I also couldn’t decide if I was meant to remove the cinnamon and cloves before jarring, but I decided to leave them in to add more flavour.

I only ended up with half a jar and have absolutely no idea if this looks right. I know your usual sandwich pickle is quite chunky but maybe the idea of this is more of a soft chutney???


I was just going to try this with some cheese, and all I had was brie. This unusually lovely! If I didn’t know that melon was in this I think I may have struggled to pick that out. It does taste fruity but not obviously like melon! Then cinnamon is quite strong which I really like and you do just get a slight hit from the cloves. I really liked this, but I think it needs a bit longer on the cupboard to really let the flavours develop and would be better with a hard cheese or with some pram ham.

Would I make this again? Yes, funny feeling this half jar is not going to last long…


7 thoughts on “Melon Pickle

    • Yeah I agrees, I now think I got it the wrong way round and was meant to make this with the melon rind which would’ve held its shape and been more pickle like! Tastes good though, even better a couple of days later!

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