Macaroni with Tomato Sauce

This is two recipes, well if you can call the macaroni a recipe! I made the tomato sauce using a recipe from the sauces chapter..




I made the sauce earlier in the day. Once I had added all the ingredients it was looking very pale…


So I opted to add the tomato paste as suggested, and by the time it had simmered for 30 minutes it was much darker looking..


I didn’t want to seive it as I didn’t want to waste the veg, so I fished out the clove and bay leaf and I blitzed the rest until smooth..


I had to taste it at this point and it tasted brilliant!

I then started with the macaroni recipe, well I made some a macaroni and mixed it with the sauce! I made the full amount, but I had also made the full amount of tomato sauce and that was too much. So I have put the left over sauce in the freezer. As suggested we had with Parmesan on top and more on the table.


This was great, a really delicious mid week dinner. The sauce is really really good and would be brill with any other pasta. I think when I mentioned to my family that we were having macaroni for tea they were disappointed that it wasn’t good old macaroni cheese!

Would I make this again? Yes I’ll be making the sauce again to have with pasta



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